late night juice baby

I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night. 

It’s wasn’t even thirty minutes into my sleep when I hear a little person calling me.


I don’t even open my eyes.  I sigh and then get out of bed to answer the call. 

As I throw my legs over the side of the bed, I must first straighten out this “bad” ankle of mine before I can hop off the bed to walk.  I am dragging myself. I am trying to focus. I don’t want to turn the lights on because I do not want to cause any confusion. I don’t want him thinking that it’s “wake-up time” because it isn’t. I know I have a good few hours of sleep to finish and I am looking foward to it.

I am so tired that my eyes are burning and they are really fighting me.  They too are trying to undersand why I am not resting them.  All they want to do is close. 

I reach their bedroom door and say, “Yes.”  Neither of them says anything. I walk over to their beds and stand there, half asleep and try to figure out if I heard what I thought I heard.  “Didn’t someone just call me?”.  I reach over to touch Child No. 3 (the three year old) and he is knocked out. I then reach out to touch Child No. 4 (the two year old) and he starts moving. He turns around to look at me and starts smiling.  It’s dark and the only light in their room is the SpongeBob nightlight. I half smile and half frown back to him.  Does he know what time it is? Does he even care that Mommy is sooooo tired??  Not at all.

I reach for him and he says: Up.

I pick him up and ask him what’s wrong. 

He says: “I want juice.”

I say:  “Okay. I’ll go downstairs and get you some juice.”

I put him back in bed and head on down the stairs.  It’s dark, it’s cold and I’m very curious to know what time it is. When I get to the kitchen my feet are now freezing because in my hurry to reach whatever child was calling me, I neglected to put on my slippers and as usual, I underestimated the temperature of the floor tiles.  Also, my “bad” ankle wasn’t in the mood.  I look over at the stove and see that it is 2:39 a.m. I just shake my head. 

I get back upstairs to bring Child No. 4 his juice and to my surprise he’s asleep! I almost want to wake him up!  But I, instead, sit there and I watch him sleep for a minute and I rub on his little back and I tell him that I love him because I do.




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Being Thankful… Are you?

When you woke up this morning, what was the first thing you did?

Did you first sigh and then roll over and turn off your alarm clock?

Did you then sit up for a minute and catch your bearings as you wiped your eyes and tried to focus afterwhich you stretched and yawned again?

Did you then step your feet into your slippers and head on towards the bathroom??

Did you get yourself dressed and ready for the day?

Did you make breakfast??

Did you check to make sure you had everything you neeeded before walking out of the door??

Did you, prior to sighing and turning off your alarm clock or cell phone, give thanks??

Did you, prior to sitting up and catching your bearings as you wiped your eyes and tried to focus afterwhich you stretched and yawned again, give thanks?

Did you, prior to stepping your feet into your slippers and head on towards the bathroom, give thanks??

Did you, prior to getting yourself dressed and ready for the day, give thanks?

Did you, prior to making breakfast, give thanks?

Did you, prior to checking to make sure you had everything you neeeded before walking out of the door, give thanks?

Think about that!

When you move around in this life, you must be thankful! You must always give thanks and praise..


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long weekend

Long weekends never seem long enough. The few weeks before you are feeling somewhat excited at the fact that you will be home on “that” Monday relaxing. You may have even planned a quick vacation, a nap, or perhaps you decided that you’d do some work around the house.

Let’s be real though. When you go to bed on Friday, most times when you wake up, it’s Monday morning. The weekend goes just that fast. You are looking around wondering where did it go? What did I do all weekend and how come I still didn’t get to do… or how come I didn’t get to finish… Amazing!

Today is Tuesday. I am back after a “long weekend” and guess what? I didn’t do ANYTHING along the lines of what I “planned” to do. My laundry is still sitting there looking at me as if to say, “when are you going to put me in the washing machine”? We planned a mini vacation but our little boys were sick. I wanted to take a nap but for some reason didn’t have time to. What is that?? I did do a little work around the house but once again, I didn’t have too much time.

As I sit here and type, I wonder… what did I do? Why didn’t I have time?

I think that once the weekend comes, the clocks stop working. You have no idea how time flies…


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relationship material

In order to be relationship material you must be able to open your heart to someone, and you must know what to do when they open their heart to you. You must be absolutely okay with every little thing that you know to be true about you. Now here’s the kicker. Once you see yourself, you must be willing to allow others to see you exactly as you are! You must be able to stand before another person without fear, without excuses and with all of your defenses down. And if you cannot, you may not be relationship material.

If you are relationship material, you are trusting and trustworthy. If you are relationship material, when your dark hour is upon you, there is a light switch inside of you that you know how to turn on. By the same token, when your partner faces his/her own darkness, you are there. You don’t fall apart because he/she seems to be falling apart.

In order to be relationship material, you must take a risk, tell the truth, trust that you will be heard. You must lay down all defenses, expectations and judgments. You must give without taking, grow without over- shadowing, bend without feeling broken and know without doubt. Most important of all, you must know exactly what you want and be willing to ask for it, knowing exactly what you are willing to do if you do not get it.

Until today, you may not have realized what it takes to be relationship-ready. Just for today, ask yourself questions in order to discover whether you are ready to have the relationship you are seeking.

Today I am devoted to getting myself in shape for a relationship!

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Subway Irritation

There are so many things that irritate me. One day I’ll make a list but for today this is what’s irritating:

I rode the subway to work today. I hate the subway. It’s just a bunch of germs! It’s really dirty and nasty and disgusting!  It’s filthy!  Don’t you just love the word filthy?  Doesn’t it sound really, really dirty?  Ha! Ha!  So as I am heading down the stairs, I am already feeling like I’ve had it but instead or turning around, I continue.  I reach the platform and wait for the train.  I then feel a little nervous. There are some crazies out there and I don’t want to be a victim.  This irritates me! I should be able to commute without any problem as I don’t bother anyone.

The subway finally arrives and I waiting to board the train.  As I step my foot in the train, I wait for the passengers to get off and bam, as  I was about to walk on, three people pushed past me to get off.  I’m now irritated again.  Did you not know this was your stop?  And if so, why do you wait until the last-minute to get off the train???

The subway is, of course, congested with everyone heading to their destinations.  I have to say excuse me a few times to get in and to a good spot so I can hold on.  There are a few men near me and I’m not liking it because some men are filthy (there goes that word again!) when riding the train. I am careful to keep myself to myself. The man to my right bumped me. I turn around and give him a look, as if to warn him, as if I am powerful, as if I can beat him!  He looks at me and then quickly turns his gaze. Yeah, I say to myself, he knows not to mess with me.  Don’t bump me again!

I finally get to my stop and I’m a little more at ease. I made it. I’m on my way…until I am bumped again while walking towards the escalator.  I’m now irritated all over again.


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